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About Us

My dad chose to have MAiD July 25, 2018, though it feels like yesterday that he left us. He was surrounded by those he wanted there with him. I clearly remember how calm he seemed, so at peace with his decision. His final words were to the physician, to “keep doing the great work you are doing with MAiD.” It was by far the most courageous thing I have ever witnessed. He died with dignity on his own terms. 

I remember leading up to the day clearly hearing certain family members say, “I wish we could call someone who has been through this process.” I personally would have really liked to have spoken to someone when I was in that moment of uncertainty and nervousness, that moment when I realized the clock was ticking and my dad would soon leave us. To speak to someone about what it was like for them in that same moment, someone who could truly understand where I was at. I feel this would have been potentially very valuable to me and my family.

I began my journey back in 2019, connecting with healthcare professionals across Canada who were involved in MAiD trying to find out if such a resource existed. After much time and effort to make these connections, it became clear that I had identified a gap. It was unanimous amongst those I spoke to that this type of support is needed.

The Bridge4You not-for-profit society was born out of the realization that a peer-to-peer resource like this did not exist. Now it does. We are a group of individuals who have been through MAiD with a loved one and have come together to be that bridge, to make the path leading up to MAiD a little easier for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Signy Novak, Founder


Bridge4you provides compassionate, lived-experience support and connection to family members and friends as they help their loved one who is considering or planning for medical assistance in dying.


To promote peer-to-peer support across Canada prior to the provision of MAiD.

Core Values

Community: promoting growth of this service in partnership with MAiD resources across Canada

Compassion: providing compassionate empathic support is at the heart of what we do

Equity, diversity and inclusiveness in our interactions

Integrity and trust


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